Delta 2000 LD

Delta 2000 LD

Delta 2000 LD MAP Horizontal Flow Wrapper
The Delta 2000 LD is a flexible flowrapping machine ideally suited for a wide range of food and non-food industries, with throughput speeds of up to 60packs per minute, with or without MAP. The long dwell sealing head is precision engineered to optimise the film contact time with pressure and temperature variables to produce the seals of the highest integrity.

The main features include PC-controlled electronic system with user friendly 6” operator colour touch screen for easy icon based operation multi-axis technology, 3 independent AC servo motors and drives to control the infeed, longitudinal film sealing rollers, film feed, and end seal jaws, variable cut-off length, film tensioning and power unwind system controlled by loadcells, no-product-no-bag operation, misplaced product detection system and automatic size-change functions. The DELTA 2000 LD also has integrated temperature controls and electronic diagnostics in the on board industrial PC.

With its long dwell sealing head, it produces robust and reliable hermetic seals with laminated, co-extruded and shrinkable barrier films.

The DELTA 2000 LD can also be integrated with automatic infeed systems.

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