Delta FloBag and 500 LDR

Delta FloBag, 500 LDR
Delta FloBag, 500 LDR

Delta FloBag and 500 LDR MAP Horizontal Flow Wrappers
The DELTA FLOBAG is the ideal solution to replace the pre-made shrinkable bags commonly used in the meat and cheese industries with a simpler wrapping machine that uses standard or shrink barrier films. The FLOBAG uses inverted flow wrapper technology along with special cross seal jaws to produce open ended bags for products such as processed meats, cheese, poultry, marinated meats amongst others. The FLOBAG is a flexible flowrapping machine designed for applications requiring robust and reliable hermetic seals, with throughput speeds of up to 60 packs per minute using MAP, which can be used for both Flobga open ended bag or standard MAP flow wrap pillow pack operation.

The main features include PC-controlled electronic system with user friendly 6” operator colour touch screen for easy icon based operation multi-axis technology, 3 independent AC servo motors and drives to control the infeed, longitudinal film sealing rollers, film feed, and end seal jaws, variable cut-off length, film tensioning and power unwind system controlled by loadcells, no- product-no-bag operation, misplaced product detection system and automatic size-change functions. The DELTA FLOBAG also has integrated temperature controls and electronic diagnostics in the on board industrial PC.

The DELTA 500 LDR is the ideal MAP machine to meet your daily production targets at an affordable price. When high speed packaging is not a requirement, this horizontal flowrapping machine is the cost-effective solution for all those applications requiring the film to be fed from the bottom, such as naked sausages, meats or blocks of cheese. If your delicate products require reliable hermetic seals on laminated, co-extruded or shrinkable gas-barrier films, this robust and easy to use machine is the flexible solution you are looking for.

The main machine features include: average throughput between 30 and 40 ppm, with or without gas injection, user friendly operator interface on 6" colour touch screen, no product/no bag, variable bag capacity, misplaced product detection system, adjustable folding box for different product sizes, sealing rollers with automatic height adjustment, integrated gas analyser and a single belt automatic feeder. The ILAPAK Delta 500 LDR comes with stainless steel finishing.

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