ELS 200 Automatic label applicator

ELS 200 Automatic label applicator

The ELS 200 labelling station offers a technically practical and cost effective solution for many of the usual fully automatic labelling requirements. A feature of the compact design is the control system is integrated into the labelling station for easy use by operators. The operator can control al function such as automatic operation, manual label feeding, photocell calibration, label length setting, labelling speed, label offset, and labelling delay from the simple keypad located on the drive motor.

The system may be used over existing conveyor systems or packaging equipment to automatically apply labels. The system can be mounted in permanent position or mounted onto a dedicated stand with either adjustable feet or lockable wheels.

Labels may be paper, plastic, transparent, round, oval, square, rectangular, or other special shapes. Label detection via photocell, mechanical, or capacitive sensors. ELS Printing systems may be easily integrated onto the ELS 220 labeller.

  • Label width: up to 200mm
  • Labelling speeds: up to 45m/min
  • Label reels: max diameter 360mm
  • Label roll core: 40 or 76mm

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