ELS 300 - Labelling Systems

ELS 300 - Labelling Systems

Control system for labelling station.A clear and easy to learn operator instruction in the display. Saving of order specific parameters. Already fixed parameter combinations can be recalled any time. Status report and diagnose function for nearly uninterrupted production: Information end of label-reel to indicate the exchange. Information in case of damage of labelstrip and missing label. Potential free interfaces for reliable data transfer to the logistical production surroundings.

The decisive advantage for your production. Labelling technology from ELS offers you more. More flexibility, greater speed and higher reliability in marking and labelling. Different printing systems like rotation printers (left picture), hot-foil printers, thermo-/ thermo transfer-printers (right picture) or ink jet printers from ELS allow you reliable and economical coding and marking of products and goods with varying information in a continuous production process.

The special plus: A specially developed easy to learn operation system. Height- and side-adjustment for precise application of the labels. Short adaptation time in case of change of product or process. Dispensing edges and applicators chosen or designed for your product and your application. Generally used non-corrosive materials for basic and additional parts. All materials are safe for use in the food processing industry.

Your key to success: More possibilities for the application of products and goods. High flexibility. Rising number of satisfied customers. Rising profitability.

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