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ES3015 Manual Weigh Price Labelling up 15kg

ESPERA ES3015 Manual Weigh price Labeller
The ES3015 Manual Weigh Price Labellers are the economic and compact choice from ESPERA offering a rational and flexible operation and maximum Price Labelling convenience wherever a manual solution is required, in both the food and the non-food sectors. The highly compact, robust machine made in stainless steel takes up little space and fits easily into any production environment.


Weighing range 3 / 6 / 15 kg           Scale increment 1 / 2 / 5 g

ESPERA ES2012 Manual Weigh price Labeller
The ES2012 Manual Weigh Labeller is a cheaper version to the ES3015 machine with few functions and a scale capacity of 12kg. This offers and even more economic choice for manual price labelling.

Weighing range 6 / 12 kg           Scale increment 2 / 5 g


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