Mecapack S1000

S1000 Tray Sealing MAP machine
The S1000 semi-automatic tray sealer from MECAPACK is a compact machine suitable for use with any MECAPACK sealing processes. Featuring full stainless steel construction, PLC control with simple easy to use operator interface, quick tool changes utilizing either complete or partial concepts, and integrated MAP capability and vacuum pump as standard, the S1000 is perfect for small-scale production, product launches or trials. S1000 tools are interchangeable with all S-line tray sealers when using the partial tooling concept. Complete tooling sets are compatible with the S3000 machines.

MECAPACK Sealing Processes: standard outside cut sealing with laminate and barrier films, LID and shrink films, aluminium films, aluminium trays, cardboard trays, pre-cut lids, Inside Cut, MecaSkin, MecaSkin T, VisioPac®, Slicepak®*, Mirabella®*.

* Slicepak® and Mirabella® are registered trademarks by Cryovac Inc, a subsidiary of Sealed Air Corporation.

Fast and simple tool changes
The S1000 is a tray sealing machine that comes with a new “partial tooling” equipment system. This brand new concept simplifies format changes and also reduces tooling costs. Less than 5 minutes is needed for format changes resulting in reduced “down time” and increased production efficiencies. It is no longer necessary to wait for the sealing plates to cool and it allows easy access to all areas of the equipment. No more struggling with large and heavy equipment as all sections are lightweight and easy to handle.


Operating mode

Sealing or V&G  

Film bed (mm)


Max tray height (mm)


Speed (cycles/min)

4 to 6 

Max capacity (trays/cycle)


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