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MECAPACK S5000 High Speed Inline Tray Sealing machine

Mecapack S5000

S5000 High Speed Inline Tray Sealing MAP machine
The all new S5000 is a fully automatic high speed inline tray sealing and MAP machine from MECAPACK which allows for a perfect integration into high speed production lines. Depending upon the application and the material used, its speed can reach up to 14 cycles per minute. Its wide sealing area combined with high speed operation allows the sealing or lidding of up to 8400 trays per hour.

Thanks to the simple and fast tooling change, the tray format change time is minimised to less than 10 minutes. Moreover, the clean and simple design of the S5000 tray sealing machine allow for easy and complete cleaning.

MECAPACK Sealing Processes:
standard outside cut sealing with laminate and barrier films, LID and shrink films, aluminium trays, cardboard trays, Inside Cut, MecaSkin, MecaSkin T, dome packaging with others such as VisioPac®, Slicepak®*, and Mirabella®* to follow soon.


Operating mode

Sealing or V&G  

Film bed (mm)

350mm minimum 

Max tray height (mm)


Speed (cycles/min)

10 to 14  

Max capacity (trays/cycle)



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