MecaPack Sandwich Pack Sealing machine

MECAPACK Sandwich Pack Sealing machine
The MECAPACK automatic tray sealing machine is specifically designed for the cardboard packaging or sandwich packs at high speeds up to 180 packs per minute.

Distinct to other sandwich systems the MECAPACK tray sealer has an automatic and linear format changing system which allows different width sandwich packs to be packed on the same machine without an expensive and time consuming format change. Packaging with different formats and variable lengths can be sealed WITHOUT TOOLING CHANGES.

Cardboard base denesters are able to be integrated onto the machine to provide further automation to a very reliable, strong and user friendly tray sealing machine.


Operating mode


Number packs per minute

up to 180 

Speed (cycles/min)


Max capacity (trays/cycle)

3, 6 or 9