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ILAPAK’s Vegatronic series of vertical Continuous & Intermittent film motion packaging machinery can produce the highest quality and most innovative range of pack styles, whilst delivering flexibility and exceptional performance. The Vegatronic series is ideal for loose products, fresh or frozen produce, powders, granulated products and liquids.


Vegatronic 500

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machine with reduced footprint. The ILAPAK Vegatronic 500 is a high-quality entry-level automatic intermittent bagger ideal for a large number of applications; ideally suited to confectionery, snacks, nuts, grains, coffee, tea and many other applications.

Vegatronic 1000

Robust mid-sized Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machine. The ILAPAK Vegatronic 1000 is a high-quality entry-level automatic intermittent bagger running pillow bags, block bottom bags, Quattro and pouches for dry and wet applications with the option of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

Vegatronic 2000

ILAPAK’s Vegatronic 2000 Open Frame is today’s most innovative and high-tech VFFS machine. It’s a high-quality, high-end range machine with excellent sanitary design. Ideal to run a wide variety of pack styles including Doy packs and transverse zipper bags in industries such as produce, diary, IQF, bakery, confectionery and many others with both heat seal and ultrasonic sealing solutions available.

Vegatronic 4000

ILAPAK’s Vegatronic 4000 is an innovative concept automatic Continuous Film Motion (CFM) Vertical Form Fill Seal machine (VFFS) which combines open frame (OF) design and state-of-art technology. It’s heavy-duty and excellent sanitary design make it ideal for wet applications and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

Vegatronic 6000

Unrivalled versatility and access for cleaning are the hallmarks of this game-changing piece of kit. The continuous film motion bagger can pack both dry and wet products in a variety of bag styles, including pillow, block bottom, Quattro, EasyPack and Doy-style packs.

The film carriage design enables packs of up to 280mm in width (680mm for Quattro packs) to be produced. Access is facilitated by the machine’s open frame design, clean film carriage and mounting of the forming tube on a swivel arm for easy removal.

The new ETHERCAT electronic platform allows the machine to run in box motion mode when longer sealing time and higher sealing pressure are required or match the performance of a rotary jaw machine when speed is of the essence.

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