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Whether you require interface solutions for machine communication with ERP systems or software solutions for visualisation and optimisation of production workflows, ESPERA has a software solution to optimise the internal data workflow.




By using the Espera Management System (ESMS), which is supplied with every ESPERA price labeller, your product-specific settings are easy and intuitive to handle.

Either if it is a special label design, a special barcode format, defining package geometries or defining nutrition & allergen information for a product. With this easy to use software, there are no limitations in individual product- and label design. Everything is included within your price labeller, which guarantees no extra license costs.

Product Highlights

  • Easy Data Management
  • Intuitive
  • Flexible label design option


The ESPERA software ESPROM NG is the perfect solution for the machine integration to an ERP system. It offers a high level of flexibility, because the software integration level is adapted to the requirements of the production plant in three possible expansion stages. Predefined and specially designed data bases offer a huge range of data management.

In the simplest expansion stage, ESPROM NG 1, master data is transmitted to the machines in operation, “on demand” so to say, via a temporary online connection.

In the second expansion stage, ESPROM NG 2, master data will be transferred with a continuous online connection in between the price labelling systems and the ERP system. A continuous realtime update is guaranteed with this solution.

By comparison, in the highest expansion stage, ESPROM NG 3, master data as well as order data are exchanged during a continuous real-time data connection between the ERP system and the machines.

ESPROM software solution is obviously compatible with all the software applications independent of which software companies these solutions come from.

EST is a fully independent software tool to realize the interface in between an ERP system and ESPERA´s machines. It is fully customizeable and offers a full range of flexibility for your data transfer. All individual adaptions can be programmed by yourself after installing the EST tool.

ES-W Statistics & ESPROM NG Statistics

ESPERA offers options for comfortable data archiving along with products ES-W Statistics and ESPROM NG Statistics

Completely regardless of whether you operate your ESPERA checkweigher in a mode subject to calibration or a in mode not subject to calibration. The statistical recording of checkweigher data is important for both the applications. In the field subject to calibration as proof of inspections by the legislator or retail trade and in field not subject to calibration for internal in-house monitoring and optimisation of production processes.

ES-W Statistics

The compact version for standardised generation of overview reports of all the data relevant statistically Here data can be transmitted directly to a workplace via the in-house network or directly to the machine via USB.

ESPROM NG Statistics

Statistically relevant data can be defined in accordance with your wishes and requirements via the software interface ESPROM NG and transmitted to your computer infrastructure in real time. You yourself can define which data is relevant for you and design your reports yourself according to your ideas via network connection ESPROM NG 2.

Product Highlights

  • Recording statistically relevant data
  • Real time data transmission
  • Generation of standard or customised reports


The declaration of country and region of origin of meat- and fish products on packages is mandatory in most of the countries worldwide.

The place of a slaughterhouse or the region where a meat product is slaughtered must be defined as a minimum of a package. For fish products, the fishing region (e.g. the Atlantic ocean) is mandatory to declare.

In order to make data handling during price labelling as easy as possible and to specify and maintain the relevant origin information quickly and easily for products, ESPERA has developed a special software, which prints the relevant information on the label quickly and easily and which a allows you an easy handling.

Product Highlights

  • Simplification of data handling of origin information
  • Avoidance of redundancies
  • Prevents incorrect entries and saves effective time during data management

ESPV ESPERA Production View

Get an overview of your production

Easily and clearly with the software solution ESPV. Analysing production processes in detail and determining the corresponding load of the lines is time-consuming. The software solution ESPV visualises the load of all lines at a glance. For example, displaying a too-high give-away in checkweigher mode or free capacities or bottlenecks along all lines.

Product Highlights

  • Easy visualisation
  • Platform-independent
  • Online remote service

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