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SKINFRESH by Mecapack

SKINFRESH by MECAPACK - vacuum skin packaging for premium product presentation and optimum shelf life

MECAPACK thermoformers and tray sealers can utilize vacuum skin packaging to seal the product over the entire surface of a semi-rigid or rigid thermoformed pocket or a pre-made tray using a specialized skin film. MECAPACK offers two methods ways of producing vacuum skin packs with SKINFRESH and MECASKIN.

SKINFRESH and MECASKIN packs are perfect for premium products in the meat, poultry, fish, seafood, ready meals, and dairy sectors.

Mecapack Skinpack Sausages

SKINFRESH packs envelope the product like an outer skin with the top film forming around the whole product and gently but firmly holding the product in place on the tray. The film is sealed over the whole tray area, not just on the sealing edges. When the tray is vacuum packed, the film sits tightly against the product providing several advantages over conventional sealing methods.

Advantages of a SKINFRESH pack produced on MECAPACK thermoformers and tray sealers are;

  • Better presentation of the product held firmly in place
  • Products can be presented vertically on shelves
  • Longer shelf life
  • Products retain moisture and no liquid is in the packs removing need for soaker pads
  • Maturation in packs or red meats
  • Easy peel corner opening tabs can be included in the pack design
  • Microwave re-heating is possible without holes or valves in the pack
  • SKINFRESH can be used on standard thermoformers and tray sealers which can also work with standard sealing and MAP operation
  • No need for an expensive specialized machine
  • Quick change format on all machines between sealing processes with MECAPACK ERGONOMICS kits

MECASKIN packs are produced like SKINFRESH packs with total vacuum packaging, but the film is only sealed around the perimeter edges of the thermoformed pocket or pre-made tray.

SKINFRESH by Mecapack